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Air Freight Logistics

Our global team is deeply rooted in the airline industry. Each step of the way, from shipper pick up to final delivery, is treated with our white-glove service because we know timing is critical when delivering by air.

Our global team is highly experienced in Air Freight Logistics. We understand how critical timing is when utilizing air freight services. Every step in the process of handling an air freight shipment is handled with great care and a sense of urgency.

We know what goes into the process of shipping by air because we’ve been handling import and export air shipments for over 20 years. Our customers’ freight travels on a long journey, so it is imperative that no detail is missed. From packaging and cargo measurements to scheduling route times and customs clearance, our team provides expert guidance and instant communication so our customers can expand their global footprint.


  • CL Priority – Express Airfreight When Times are Critical
  • CL Classic – When Flexibility is Paramount
  • CL Budget – When Cost is Primary Concern

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